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The News is broken

The news is broken. Whether it’s adverts disguised as news, trivia masquerading as real content or important news simply missing from the news feed. Something is wrong. As traditional advertising revenues dry up, publishers are being forced to dumb down or distort the news to keep their businesses alive. And we are all suffering because of it.

We’re taking it back

Journalism matters. It’s the lifeblood of democracy. And that’s why one of New Zealand’s oldest and largest independent online news publishers, Scoop.co.nz is building a platform – the New Scoop – to support public interest journalism guided by its commitment to:

Seek Truth and Report It

Minimise Harm

Act Independently and Honestly

Be Accountable and Transparent

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Code of Ethics
Because journalism makes a difference

We have turned our news business on its head. This September we become a not-for-profit. We have opened up decision making processes to members and have invited all comers to get involved in the creation of a new kind of news organisation.  

The New Scoop will deliver:

  • Investigative Journalism – Scoop wants more of this. You can help make it happen.
  • Data-led Journalism – Using big, open data to provide real analysis and transparency
  • Open Source Collaboration – The Scoop Foundation will be open sourcing its technological and business innovations to the public.

More Information:

Trust Deed
New Structure

This new journalism needs you at its heart. Join a community that builds on the traditions of real investigative journalism and creates a better future for the news. There are two ways to get involved – and you can do both..